Samsung S8+: My Tech Review on Latest Gadget Guide

I bought Samsung S8+ from Flipkart online. I came to know about its outstanding features from the latest Gadget Guide. I also read the tech review of Gadget Guide before ordering this phone. And I must say that this is an outstanding phone that I have ever used. It is available in 5 colours – Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Coral Blue, Arctic Silver and Maple Gold. I have taken my favourite colour Coral Blue. It’s rare – you hardly get this coloured cell phone. This makes me crazier about the phone.

It has the latest OS Android 7.0 (Nougat). It comfortably fit in my hand and in my pocket. I must say that it is one of the finest smart phones that one can buy today.  It is the slickest android smart phones that I have ever used. I had used iPhone 7 and my brother have iPhone 7 plus. But if I compare both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus with Samsung S8+, Samsung S8+ will look more stylish. It is a big screen phone and its screen size is 6.2-inch. This smart phone has allowed me to move from top to bottom of the screen with my thumb comfortably in a single motion. Not only that I can grip the mobile easily with two hands. When I saw in the updated Gadget Guide that this phone has– 64 GB internal memory and 4 GB RAM, I made up my mind to buy it. You can put external memory of 256 GB.

I have got the best Camera feature in this mobile phone. Primary camera is of 12 Mega Pixel and rear camera of 8 Mega Pixel. Can you believe it? I have used many smart phones with good cameras but what I have found is that most of the smart phone camera works well on days but not at nights. This is the only smart phone I found that works equally well both during days and night. I found that the front and rear camera of this smart phone are finely tuned and this is why photos clicked with this smart phone are bright and clear, even when there is limitation of light. Again a big thanks to the tech review published at Tech Revel online.

Selfies is great in this smart phone with 8 Mega Pixel. There is a smart auto focus for selfies which tracks faces. Thus even if you use or arm or selfies stick to click the photos, your face will always be focused. This is a great feature that I found in this smart phone. It also has enhanced multi-frame image processing for which all the selfies that you take with this smart phone is very crisp and clear. It has F1.7 lens 1.4µm pixel selfies and thus it can take bright and clear picture even when there is no enough light around.

I have been using it from 2 months and I found that download, charging, switching form app to app can be done in this smart phone very easily. I found no hang problem till now. It has Octa-core processor. This smart phone has waterproof features; you can go with this smart phone even in rain or in shower. I will recommend everyone to read gadget guide and tech review at Tech Revel to avoid disappointment after buying an expensive Smartphone.


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